• The frame of the product is made of domestic coniferous wood, and birch plywood and fiberboard are also used
  • The inner sides of the sofa’s seating and armrests are covered with fabric
  • The outer sides of the armrests, the front panel and the back wall are covered with fabric
  • Zig-zag suspension is used in the seat
  • The seat is made of foam, the backrest cushions are filled with a foam mixture
  • The back of the product is finished, can be placed in the middle of the room
  • The sofa is foldable and has a laundry box
  • The dimensions of the sleeping area are 190×135 cm
  • For daily use of the sleeping area, we recommend using a mattress topper
  • The color of the legs is selectable
  • Made in Estonia
  • The product warranty is 2 years

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